Fireman Sam Jupiter Boxset £13.99 @

Fireman Sam Jupiter Boxset £13.99 @

fremansam has marked the Fireman Sam Jupiter box set down from £30.49 to £13.99 which is a darn good deal for a bunch of ace episodes for kids to enjoy any time they want.

The Fireman Sam Jupiter box set is actually pretty cute. You get the DVDs inside a little box designed like a giant fire engine with all the cast and crew peeking out the windows and the back of the truck. It is easy open and easy store, so you can keep the DVDs together and not get that “oh bother where is that movie” feeling.

The series included in the box set are To the Rescue, Saves the Day, Let it Snow, Fun Run, The Big Freeze, On Stage, The New Hero, Next Door, Red Alert, Sticky Situation and Towering Inferno. That is all the information that they have on the site but I am pretty sure you should get more if you are supposed to be paying around £30 instead of this low price.


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