Fireman Sam New Hero Next Door DVD Collection £9.99 @ HMV

1 February 2011

firemanSamNewHeroNextDoor HMV are selling this Fireman Sam New Hero Next Door DVD Collection for £9.99 instead of £12.99.

My youngest loved Fireman Sam a couple of years ago and used to giggle a lot at all the naughty things Norman Price got up to.

I quite like Fireman Sam too, which is somewhat surprising as he has all the potential to really get up my nose with his patronising can-do-no-wrong manner.

He reminds me of days gone by though as he,  somehow, acheived cult status at my senior school.

I went to a girls school so maybe it was the whole ‘fireman thing’ that did it, I don’t know. But what I DO know is you weren’t ‘in’ if you weren’t into Fireman Sam!

There are three DVDs in this Fireman Sam New Hero Next Door DVD Collection, full of great Fireman Sam adventures with the all the folks from Pontypandy.

And of course, apart from the being rivetting entertainement for youngsters (and strange teenagers), there is the all-important and ever-present fire safety message.

I wonder how many kids have actually learned and remembered some fire safety courtesey of Fireman Sam?

Thanks to phillyboy at HUKD

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