Fireman Sam 10 DVD Box Set £13.85 @ Zavvi

2 July 2011

Zavvi have knocked £16.14 OFF this set of 10 Fireman Sam DVDs, making them just £13.85 now.

My youngest loved watching both Fireman Sam and Postman Pat when he was little - ok, he still IS little but  not little enough for Fireman Sam now - and I have to say, Postman Pat just annoyed me.

I'm surprised Fireman Sam didn't do the same;  did he ever do anything wrong? No. Did he sometimes come across as being incredibly patronising and condescending? YES!

So in theory I shouldn't like him at all, but I do.

He reminds of my friend Helen from school; we'd go home to her house after school, watch Fireman Sam and eat toast - Fireman Sam had cult status in our senior school for some bizarre reason you see.

The other thing I like about the entire Fireman Sam concept is the teaching kids fire safety element - Postman Pat doesn't do that! - and I can't help but wonder how many fire accidents have been prevented because of it.

This Fireman Sam 10 Disc DVD boxset comes presented in a Jupiter case (Jupiter is the name of Fireman Sam’s fire engine, in case you didn’t  know) and is bound to make your little firefighter jump for joy.

Thanks to phillyboy at HUKD

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