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3 June 2010


Hunting for fabulous Father’s Day presents? Well this particular gem of a TV series is bound to appeal to almost all the men in your life. A brilliant, funny and entertaining show, Firefly is one of the most popular science fiction series around. Many people still mourn it’s premature cancellation and the fact that it never got continued...Now only £11.99 (you save over £20) at Amazon.

I cannot recommend this series enough. For the men there’s fantastic music, great special effects, fantastic cowboy themed episodes and shootouts plus space travel and bank robberies. Its cowboys and Indians in space!

The show is set five centuries into the future when the Coalition has taken over the galaxy and remnants of the opposing side waft along the edges of the frontier. The crew of the Serenity are a band of misfit madcaps that rob, plunder and steal their way to paying for food and repairs.

My absolute favourite character is Adam Baldwin’s Jayne Cobb. If you don’t end up crying with laughter every time he gets going then I will eat my socks. Grab this Father’s Day winner from Amazon and make the Dad in your life’s day...

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD!


  • Emma K.
    I absolutely love this show and was devastated when they cancelled it. The Jaynetown episode was hilarious! But I've met some folks who didn't like the show at all - they just didn't get the idea of a "space western"!
  • Gari189
    It does take a while to come around to the idea of a space western - it is an odd mix. But stick with it for a couple of episodes and you will be hooked - characters and dialog are fantastic. Even though I loved Babylon 5 I think this is even better....
  • Harriet
    Hooray for Firefly! It's genius. I too am still in mourning...

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