Enchanted DVD £2.99 @ HMV

enchanted HMV are in full sale swing and this fabulous DVD is down to a lovely £2.99 from £11.99 and you also get 299 purehmv points too boot. I loved this movie, loved it, and so did my daughter. It’s funny, wry, silly and hugely entertaining for kids and adults alike. 

Ok, so the premise is simple. A beautiful maiden wants to marry a prince. She finds him and everything is on track for a magnificent fairytale wedding until (drums) the wicked mother steps in and ruins everybody’s plans. She sends the beautiful maiden to New York. 

As you can well imagine, a beautiful maiden in a poofy wedding dress with no clue on real life doesn’t do very well in that bustling, brusque city. Enter the absolutely delicious Patrick Dempsey (who is well worth patrickdempsey11_400every penny of your £2.99, even if you hate the movie) to save the day. 

Of course, many of you will recognise Patrick as the divine McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy so it will come as a nice surprise that he’s got a kid, is very lovable and remains as delectable as ever. I must confess to having a copy of this film myself. 

Thanks to obers82 at HUKD!

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