Easter Sale Still On @ Gamestation


Not being a gamer I'm not too sure where to start with this deal but Gamestation, apparently the fastest growing retailer of video and computer games in the UK, have dropped us a line to tell us about their Easter sale, which is still on. It's your last chance to grab a game bargain from as little as £4.98.

In-store, Gamestation also offer a 'steal of the week' such as pre-owned Nintendo or Playstations that are sold at much cheaper prices.  And if you've got old giceageames consoles lying around that are no longer flavour of the month, you can hand them  in to Gamestation to earn extra cash. Find your local store here: www.gamestation.co.uk/Help/StoreFinder

There is also free UK delivery on all online purchases. I've done a quick comparison of prices and they're offering Ice Age and Ice Age 2 on UMD for £4.98 with free delivery, so if you're a PSP owner looking for something to entertain little people on a long journey, Gamestation might be worth a look.

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