Earn 1000's of Tesco Clubcard Points In July (Worth Up To 4 Times In Rewards)


Do you collect Tesco Clubcard points at the minute? I do and I’m always looking for ways to boost my points total. I never spend them in store and although you can do this, there is a better way to “spend” your points. If you exchange them via Tesco Clubcard Rewards, you can bag up to four times the face value on a whole load of family days out, restaurants,  at Ticketmaster, Goldsmiths and many, many more.

During July there’s an opportunity to boost that points total massively and I’ll try and explain how below.

Firstly we have the The Big Points Earners :

- 2000 points (worth up to £80) on £20 e-books spend at Blinkbox*. Get 100 clubcard points for every £1+ book. You can receive the bonus on up to 20 books. Offer extended until 30th July.
- 1000 points (worth up to £40) on buying season 4 of Game of Thrones* £16.99 sd. Plus free 10'' Tesco Finest Pizza + possible £4 Quidco and £5 Credit when deposting £1 at Blinkbox*. Offer ends 31st July.
- 500 points (worth up to £20) on buying Lego movie £9.99 +possible £4 Quidco and £5 Credit when deposting £1 + 50% off Legoland Windsor tickets at Blinkbox*
- 5250 points (worth up to £210) on converting £50 from Topcashback into Clubcard points. Offer ongoing.

Then we have the Medium Points Opportunities :

- 150 points on £50 branded giftcards e.g.Argos
- 150 points on £5 spend on your first Tesco photo order
- 150 points on selected DVD pre-orders from £5
- 150 points on selected CD pre orders from £9
- 150 points on festival CD's from £4.50
- 200 points on selected Blu-ray pre orders from £10
- 200 points on selected CD pre orders from £9
-150 points on festival cd's from £4.50
-500 extra Clubcard points when you spend £35 or more on Fisher-Price Toys.

Then the FREE Points Opportunities :

- 25 points a month doing a customer survey (300 points a year)
- 75 points for giving insurance renewal dates
- Up to 150 points per survey at Shoppers Thoughts
- Reuse a carrier bag in store and get one clubcard point
- Order online at Tesco.com and collect one point for every 10 items you buy when you pick the bagless delivery option for your order
- Recycle your printer cartridges and get 100 points.

You can also earn those Extra Points simply by shopping at Tesco and those will earn you :

- Tesco Clubcard Credit Card 0% purchases for 19 months (5 points for every £4 you spend in store including Tesco fuel and 1 point for every £4 you spend everywhere else)
-Tesco instore and online 1 point per £1
-Tesco Direct 1 point per £1
- Tesco Fuel 1 point per £2
- Tesco mobile 1 point per £1 topped up
- Tesco Clothing F&F 1 point per £1
- Tesco Blinkbox 1 point per £1

You can also earn points by switching to EON (collecting up to 1500 points per year) and buying fuel and goods at Esso. Both of these will only be beneficial if they offer the best deal for the services they provide.

So by shopping smart and making the most of the offers above you could pay 1/4 of the price on family days out over the summer, 1/3 of the price on wedding rings at Goldsmiths and so much more.

Check out Tesco Clubcard Rewards and see if there's anything that would benefit your family.

You can also use Tesco eCoupons and Voucher Codes in conjunction with points collecting and you'll find all the latest ones in our voucher section.

Many thanks to Chanchi32 @ HUKD!


  • chris4nat
    hi I cant find any ebooks on blinkbox for the 20 x 100 points only movies and tv programs am I missing something? thanks Chris
  • LuschkaPP
    hi I cant find any ebooks on blinkbox for the 20 x 100 points only movies and tv programs am I missing something? thanks Chris
    hi Chris, the link has been changed now and it should be easier to find? Hope that helps!

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