DVD Deals @ Zavvi - Plus Your Chance to Win £10k!

4 September 2010

notebook It's September and time always flies between now and Christmas, so I'm in Christmas list mode already - stop tutting and don't run away screaming, try it! I promise, there's nothing quite like having Crimbo all wrapped up way ahead of time!

DVD boxsets always make for great pressies (boxsets are for life, not just for Christmas!) and you can't go wrong, price wise, if you pick them up from Zavvi.

If you are of a similar age to me then when I say 'Street Hawk' you'll already be proclaiming,  "OHHHH! I remember THAT! Street Hawk was AWESOME!" well, Zavvi have the complete series Street Hawk DVD box set up for grabs for just £17.95.

streetHawkIf you aren't familiar with Street Hawk, he was the cooler motorbike alternative to Knight Rider and if you're not familiar with Knight Rider then I can't help you - you're too young!

I was actually looking for a copy of The Notebook - I can be a bit of a romantic and people keep telling me I should watch it, I had a quick nosey for it in Tescos yesterday but couldn't find it; Zavvi have it for £5.85 instead of £19.79.

Now, about that £10k!  If you place the millionth order with Zavvi this month then you'll win £10,000 in cash, it's as simple as that! Click the link, read the T&Cs and best of luck if you place an order!

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