Dora The Explorer: It's a Party £3.49 @

Dora The Explorer: It's a Party £3.49 @

Dora Its A PartyHola! If you've a child under the age of six you don't need me to explain who Dora is. Kids love parties, and it doesn't matter if it is for their birthday or someone else's. They get just as excited! This Dora The Explorer: It's a Party dvd is on offer at for £3.49 including delivery.

The recommended retail price on this DVD is £9.50, but to be fair you'd probably never actually pay that. These types of DVDs get discounted pretty quickly. Even so this is still a good price, especially if you have a Dora mad youngster. Would be a great item to put aside for a birthday, to add to the whole party atmosphere of the day!

It might still be possible to get it in time for a Christmas present or stocking filler too. Although if you're in an area that's covered in snow, or where heavy snow is predicted, I probably wouldn't chance it. Delivery is usually within four to five days.

With her cheerful nature, inquiring mind, and colourful fashion sense, Nickelodeon's adorable bilingual heroine Dora the Explorer has charmed both pre-school-age children and their parents alike. Designed to simulate a computer game, the animated series follows the little Latina girl, her monkey pal Boots, and their helpful cohorts Map and Backpack as they set out on problem-solving adventures that encourage interaction and physical activity while teaching simple concepts such as counting, logic skills, and basic Spanish.

This double episode volume introduces Dora's cousin Daisy, who celebrates her 15th birthday--a coming-of-age milestone in Latin culture--in 'Daisy, La Quinceanera'; while 'The Big Pinata' offers another party-themed adventure.

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