Lightning McQueen Sleeping Bag £8.99 @

29 May 2011

Ligthning McQueen sleeping bag Any child, but mostly boys I suspect, will love to have one of these for sleepovers. are selling this Disney Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen Sleeping Bag for just under half price at £8.98. The RRP was £19.99.

Just in case you don't know, there's a new Cars movie out this year. I know my son is dying of excitement in anticipation. He wore out more than one DVD of the original Cars movie. I've noticed that Cars still has a certain cachet in the playground at school. Turning up in a Lightning McQueen t-shirt on dress down day has most of the other boys slightly jealous.

There's absolutely no information on the site about this sleeping bag other than the fact that it measures 68 x 137cm. I'm going to take a guess though that it is more the sort of bag that's suitable for indoor use. It probably isn't the sort of two season bag you'd want if you were going camping this summer, for example!

Thanks to loubey at HUKD!

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