Go Diego Go Toothbrush Timer Set £2.99 (RRP £9.99) @ Play.com

Go Diego Go Toothbrush Timer Set £2.99 (RRP £9.99) @ Play.com

This 'Go, Diego, Go' toothbrush timer set is just £2.99 at Play.com right now.

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That's a saving of 70% or £7 off the usual price of £9.99, and once again delivery is free.

The set consists of a 2 minute timer unit, complete with a beaker and toothbrush attached, and the whole unit can be easily attached to the bathroom wall thanks to the suction cups.

It strikes me as a brilliant idea. Not only do I get fed up of saying 'brush properly' or '10 more seconds' while my own little Diegos are furiously chewing on their brushes and sucking the toothpaste instead of brushing their pearly whites, but I hate playing Hunt The Toothbrush when we're rushing out the door for school.

I think this unit is a great way of helping kids appreciate that teeth need to be brushed for more than a nanosecond, and it'll encourage them to put the brush back where it belongs, too. The whole idea should help make tooth-brushing a fun experience rather than yet another battle of wills.

Love it.


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