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10 June 2010

wife I am not a fan of football. It’s not that I don’t get the game, I just find it extremely boring, so I do feel very badly for any hubby that has a wife like me. It’s just no fun when you can’t look at someone and go, “Did you see that!”. Well we have uncovered the perfect solution for you wives who want to get something useful for the Dads in their life – an inflatable wife from

This is not a naughty product, this is a funny product. Here we have the ultimate companion for any man that loves his footie but has a wife that doesn’t. Instead of sitting in the room, watching a ball get socked around for no apparent reason, you need only inflate his new wife and then wander off to do something fun.

good_wifeCosting a mere £3.49, this is probably the cheapest wife on the market. It will sit beside your man in agreeable silence as he absorbs the goals, kicks and fouls of the World Cup. Here is a perfectly brilliant Father’s Day present that will not only cause a few laughs, but won’t cost you a fortune either.

Thanks to a6unx at HUKD!

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