The IT Crowd Box Set Series 1-3 DVD £11.93 @ Asda Ent.

17 June 2010

itCrowd Right, it's nine o'clock; the kids are in bed, it's time to relax, unwind and thank your lucky stars you don't work in an IT department

Being a bit of a tech' bod, the IT Crowd amuses me greatly - not in a huge laugh-out-loud kind of way but more of a knowing-chuckle kind of way.

If you work an in IT department this will either make you giggle and smirk all the way through or it will just feel like you're still at work and NOT. BE. FUNNY!

If you don't have anything to do with IT then welcome to the underclass that is the tech' department whose staff members lurk in the darkest corners of all modern office buildings.  Within these DVDs you'll find out what goes on behind those closed doors and after you've been asked, "Are you sure your monitor is switched on...?"

itcrowd2If you liked Father Ted and The Office then you'll like the IT Crowd, and talking of fathers....yep, that's right this would make an inexpensive Father's Day gift because £11.93 for the first three series is a bit of a bargain, especially when it should be £29.35.

There's no delivery to pay to have this delivered within the UK either, but if you want it for Father's Day I suggest you order it NOW and if you don't...well, the you can order it whenever you fancy.

Thanks to amibees over at HUKD!

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