The IT Crowd 1-3 Box Set £12.97 @ Amazon

8 June 2010

IT This happens to be one of the funniest series about geeks I know, and may well be a delicious Father’s Day present for the Dad in your world. If your hubby/Dad loves computers and gadgets and all things technical, then he will really appreciate the dry and insightful humour offered up by the IT Crowd.

The deal of £12.97 includes the first three seasons of this award winning sitcom that’s set in the dingy subterranean IT department of Reynholm Industries. The series is brilliantly written with super acting and a cast that really shine together.

You will hurt yourself laughing as the gags come thick and fast, and the clever storylines take the mickey out of absolutely everyone and everything. I’ve only managed to see a couple of episodes from time to time (I IT2kept missing them) but what I saw had me crying with laughter.

This is a superb Father’s Day present for any man with a good sense of humour and who knows exactly what the world of IT is all about. I am so tempted to get this deal for myself...

Thanks to amibees at HUKD!

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