Coming Soon: Harry Potter Golden Snitch Backpack @ TruffleShuffle

Coming Soon: Harry Potter Golden Snitch Backpack @ TruffleShuffle

Oh my days this is the ultimate bag for any Harry Potter fan! You can now get your hands on a Harry Potter Golden Snitch Backpack and it is just A-mazing!

This fab backpack isn't due for release until the 12th October but you can join the waitlist over at TruffleShuffle so you can be one of the first to be notified of when they are in stock.

They are priced at £29.99 and I am sure they are going to be a huge hit amongst Harry Potter fans. This is official Harry Potter merchandise so it will be great quality too.

The bags are actually in the shape of the Golden Snitch! They have a metallic gold finish and 3D, holographic wings, you'll never get lost in a crowd with this bad boy on!

All you have to do is click on the 'Notify Me' button and add your email address. You will then be notified when this unique backpack is available to buy!


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  • Sophie R.

    I could definitely rock that xxx

    • Leanne S.

      Omg I could use it as a pillow the next I'm on a train and need a lil kip hahaha

      • Abbie H.

        Ha I think this is one id pass on

        • Amie B.

          Haha imagine me turning up to work with that in my back :joy:

          • Calli R.

            Just put myself on the waiting list lol xx

            • Mia L.

              Omggggggg that is SOO cool

              • Holly S.

                Hahaha that's too cool! Xxxx

                • Liz W.

                  Oh my :astonished: that's pretty awesome lol xx

                  • Seri J.

                    Wait Till you see my new gryffindor backpack :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                    • Joanne J.

                      Love it :joy::joy::joy::hearts:

                      • Ashleigh K.

                        I love it!!! :clap_tone1::clap_tone1::clap_tone1::clap_tone1:

                        • Aimee P.

                          That's awesome!!! I need some shelves in my room for a dedicated Harry Potter area xx

                          • Gillian M.

                            Get it on your Christmas list :heart:

                            • Lauren B.

                              I think Harry Potter will end up bankrupting me! :heart_eyes:Xxx

                              • Gemma R.

                                The 90s kid in me got really excited when I glanced at this and thought it was a bubble backpack :joy::joy:

                                • Fiona R.

                                  :joy::joy: don't get me wrong, I love harry potter but this is a smidge to much. It's awfy garish! Hahga xxx

                                  • Laura S.

                                    Omg, never seen anything like it!

                                    • Rachel B.

                                      Definitely getting this :heart_eyes: