Chuggington Top Trumps £2.99 @ Play

Chuggington Top Trumps £2.99 @ Play

topTrumpsWhat do you get if you combine Chuggington with Top Trumps?  Top Trumps Chuggington Activity Collection and WHOLE lot of fun, that's what!

The Teenagers were HUGE Top Trumps fans when they were younger.

They were always a great Christmas stocking filler and many a Christmas day evening was spent playing the various version that we had: Harry Pottter, Top Gear if there was a Top Trumps of it you can guarantee we've played it!

It's such a clever concept and cunningly disguises learning - reading, numbers, memory and observation - with some pretty fierce card collecting competition.

Portable, easy to play, doesn't require batteries, has no buzzy sounds or flashing lights - Top Trumps is ACE; I rather fancy a game now, I wonder if there are still any packs of them lurking in the dark depths of a drawer somewhere!

And Chuggington Top Trumps is an fantastic way to introduce younger kids to this great game.

There are five games and activities to enjoy with this Top Trumps Chuggington Activity Collection

Chuggington Top Trumps is just £2.99 at and there's no delivery to pay on UK orders. Top that!

Thanks to lucerysmum over at HUKD


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