Chuggington DVD And Mini Book Gift Set £9.95 @ The Hut

Chuggington DVD And Mini Book Gift Set £9.95 @ The Hut

My youngest was a big Chuggington fan until he got 'too grown up for it' (he's all of five and a half!) but he would have loved this Chuggington Gift Set with its Chuggington DVD and six mini books.

The usual price for this Chuggington gift set is £14.99; The Hut have reduced it down to £9.95 so I imagine, with Christmas coming up and all that, it'll 'ride the rails' off the shelves pretty sharpish.

There are six chugtastic Chuggington episodes on the DVD and each one is accompanied by the corresponding mini book which, by the way, make up a six-piece jigsaw puzzle when you turn them over.

The six episodes featured on the DVD are:

  • Training Time Harrison
  • Wilson Gets a Wash
  • Koko and the Tunnels
  • Watch Out Wilson
  • Wilson's Smooth Moves
  • Eddie Finds Time

And they all come presented in a rather nice box, I guess that's so they can call it a gift set! There's no delivery to pay on UK mainland orders with The Hut, so £9.95 is all you're going to pay...unless, of course, you find something else that takes your fancy whilst you're there.

Thanks to goontertillidie at HUKD 


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