Chucklevision The Complete Series One £6.99 @ Sainsbury's Entertainment

Chucklevision The Complete Series One £6.99 @ Sainsbury's Entertainment

Please forgive me for what I'm about to do - I mean you no harm, I promise - Sainsbury's Entertainment are selling the complete series one of Chucklevision on DVD for £6.99.

This is, of course, excellent news if you're a Chucklevision fan and something more akin to hell-on-earth if you're not.

I fall into the hell-on-earth category - I've never EVER liked the Chucklebrothers and I want to inflict serious bodily harm on anyone who thinks it's funny to say, "To me - to you - to me..." when moving anything that involves the strength of two.

Thirteen tortuous episodes make up Chucklevision series one and sees Barry and Paul (who were old enough to know better all those years ago when they first assaulted our TV screens!) cavorting around and engaging in their usual madcap and ill-fated capers (I think I'm disguising my lack of fanaticism well, don't you!).

Delivery with Sainsbury's Entertainment is free, so you'll only have to part with £6.99 to be the proud owner of a Chucklevision The Complete Series One DVD (surely you must have better things to spend your money on though, like £6.99 worth of string or something infinitely more useful!).

Thanks (I think) to dmorison at HUKD


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