Chocolate Lolly Maker £14.39 @

Chocolate Lolly Maker £14.39 @ have reduced the price of the John Adams Chocolate Lolly Maker from £17.99 to £14.39, with free delivery. The same thing at Amazon will cost you £17.56 as it's reduced from £19.99.

I must admit both a fondness and a scepticism over this deal. I remember melting chocolate and pouring it into see-through plastic chocolate moulds with my mum hovering around to make sure we have help when we need it and don't burn ourselves. We had a cupboard full of those plastic sheets and I reminisced keenly on it recently when I saw them in a baking shop.

The Chocolate Lolly Maker seems like it can give today's little girls (the pink leads me to believe that's its target market) the same fond memories – with the difference being that you have four different shapes to choose from, and not a drawer full of sheets for every season or celebration.

The set comes with simple instructions – melt the chocolate (not included), place a stick in each mould, pour the chocolate, add one of 8 messages to the back and leave to set.

It sounds simple enough, and I'd love to hear how it works, if anyone tries it!

Thanks to chuckiedoll at HUKD


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