Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Collector’s Edition £5.97 @ Amazon

chitty Anyone else remember the words to the song? I am humming it happily here while I let you know about this deal. Delightfully nostalgic, still brilliant and a testimony to how great the classics are, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a must-have for any home.

Down to only £5.97, a nice saving of £24.02 from Amazon, this item is also delivered for freeeeee! However, I must point out that the delivery time is a bit crap and you’re looking at a fairly long wait.

This remastered pan and scan 30th anniversary edition retains its quaint charm and catchy tunes. Dick Van Dyke is as lovable and charming as ever with his superb performance as a lovable inventor. His nimble fingers and uniqchitty2ue way of looking at the world create a magical flying car that take him and his children on incredible adventures.

I can still remember the song where his lady friend pretends to be a puppet and her moves are flawless. Just incredible. Written by Roald Dahl and Ian Fleming (I never knew that!) and, of course, including  the terrifying child catcher this is a genius film. Oh and the box set includes a miniature replica of the car!

Thanks to LD2DVD at HUKD!

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