Charlie And Lola Complete DVD Collection £12.99 @ Amazon

23 September 2011

Hurrah for Amazon and their fabulous price for this Charlie and Lola DVD collection; you can pick one up for £12.99 (until they put the price back up) instead of the £24ish that everyone else is selling it for.

Eleven Charlie and Lola DVDs make up this Absolutely Complete Box Set, so when it says ‘complete’ it means complete; 80 fabulous episodes were shown on cBeebies and now they're yours to keep and watch whenever you want.

If these Charlie and Lola DVDs were available when my youngest son was very into the brother and sister duo, I would absolutely and most definitely have bought them as there were times when he really wanted to watch a particular episode.

I suppose it's possible that some people don't know who Charlie and Lola are; just in case you're one of them, here's a quick Charlie and Lola lesson...

Charlie is a boy and he has a younger sister called Lola.

Lola is very cheeky and rather funny; she has a black and white view of the world and relies on Charlie to teach her the different shades of grey.

Utterly endearing and wonderfully simple, I don't know any child who doesn't find Charlie and Lola funny and engrossing.

Thanks to Charli at HUKD

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