Charlie And Lola: The Absolute Complete Series DVDs £14.85 @ The Hut

Charlie And Lola: The Absolute Complete Series DVDs £14.85 @ The Hut

The Hut have just completely won me over with this Charlie and Lola: The Absolute Complete Series DVD box set.

I absolutely adore Charlie and Lola; I've been known to sit and watch it all by myself.

If these Charlie and Lola DVDs were available when my youngest son was very into the brother and sister duo, I would absolutely and most definitely have bought them as there were times when he really wanted to watch a particular episode.

It took him a little while to understand that the TV wasn't like a menu, where you could pick and choose what you wanted to watch at any given moment and I wasn't going to fill up the Sky+ recorder completely with Charlie and Lola episodes - such a mean mummy!

Eleven Charlie and Lola DVDs make up this Absolutely Complete Box Set, so when it says 'complete' it means all 80 episodes that were ever aired on cBeebies.

Let me just repeat that - you your CHILD will be able to watch every single episode from all three series, including the Easter and Christmas specials; marvellous.

Those lovely people over at The Hut don't charge for delivery so you'll just be paying £14.85 for the Absolute Complete Series of Charlie and Lola, instead of the £29.99 rrp.

Thanks to ei8hty5ive at HUKD


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