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19 March 2011

Charlie and the chocolate factory I have to confess that I've never actually seen this version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Not out of any sense of loyalty to the original, which I never really liked to be honest. That was a disappointment for me as a kid, being not a patch on the book, so I've never had a desire to see any other movies. However, even if I only saw it once I'd be getting my money's worth out of this DVD. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory DVD is available at for £2.39 including delivery. It was at £3.99.

This is the 2005 Tim Burton version, starring Johnny Depp. There are only two reviews on the site, and neither are that good. However, you can't really judge a lot by two reviews!

The story, if you're not familiar with it, goes like this. At least in this movie version according to the blurb on the website. Charlie is a kid who lives in poverty in a tiny tumbledown cottage with his parents and all four grandparents.

Willy Wonka is the eccentric owner of the Chocolate Factory, located in Charlie's town. He announces a competition to reveal all the secrets and magic of his factory to five lucky children, who find a golden ticket hidden in one of the chocolate bars.

After some good fortune finding some money, Charlie buys a chocolate bar containing the last gold ticket. He and his grandad get to go on this special tour.

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