Buzz Lightyear Rescue Buddy £5.99 @

Usually £15.99, this Toy Story toy is now £5.99 with free delivery at toystory

There isn't a whole lot of information about this toy on the website, and no customer reviews as yet, so we'd love to know what it's like if you've got one.

The rescue buggy comes with the ever popular Buzz Lightyear character.

As you'd expect with Buzz Lightyear in the driving seat, this is no ordinary vehicle. Oh no, it also features a pull back and go motion system along with a wacky bobbling body.

But it seems like a good deal at £5.99 and it's always satisfying to know you've saved a tenner on something. Plus if your kids are anything like mine, this will be a hit for three reasons; (1) it features one of their favourite toy superheroes, (2) it's a vehicle with wheels that work and it actually 'goes' of its own accord and (3) there's a rescue theme involved.

I can picture the scene now - in a matter of minutes they'd have lined up every Lego man and Star Wars character in our house to orchestrate a rescue mission of epic proportions. Which means I'd at least have time for a cup of tea and flick through the paper. Love it.

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