Buzz Lightyear Lights And Sounds Projection Alarm £12.99 @ Play

Buzz Lightyear Lights And Sounds Projection Alarm £12.99 @ Play

buzzLook at telling the time a different way with this Buzz Lightyear 'Lights and Sounds' projection alarm.

I first came across projection clocks last year - almost a year to the day in fact! - and I was quite mesemerised by it!

The time was projected onto the ceiling and I'm not sure if the novelty would ever wear off - the one that I encountered was rather expensive but was added to my 'would quite like to have' list...I don't have one yet (did I mention it's my birthday later this month...I don't want a Buzz Lightyear one though, ok?).

Buzz Lightyear is poseable and will stand guard in your child's room projecting the time on to their ceiling; for the alarm he utters the following iconic Buzz phrases:

  • To infinity and beyond!
  • This is an intergalatic emergency. I need to commandeer your vessel to sector 12.
  • Mayday. Mayday! Come in Star Command send reinforcements. Star Command, do you copy?

He should be £29.99 but you can pick him up for £12.99, including delivery, from Play.

He doesn't appear to plug in to the mains and needs 3 AA batteries to work - I'd invest in some rechargeable ones if I were you, or take out shares in Duracell (other leading battery brands are available *grin*).

Thanks to osullivan1986 over at HUKD


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