Boogie Beebies CD: The Party Mix! £1.93 @ The Hut

BoogieBeebies I'm so sorry for this post but sometimes you just have to 'do it for the kids'...

I almost feel like I'm betraying you my fellow parents, but your kids are going to LOVE this - all their favourite Boogie Beebies songs remixed in three stylees - Dance, Motown and Reggae.

My youngest loved watching Boogie Beebies and would join in with the actions; I watched it with that sort of morbid fascination where you feel sure you should have looked away long ago but can't quite bring yourself to stop.

Boogie Pete andTv1I have to wonder if the presenters are living their dream or whether, behind their saccharine smiles, they're thinking 'years and years of training at drama school for THIS!'.

If you are one of those brave souls who has kiddie-song CDs in the car then this could be another to add to your collection (you mad fools!) but it could also really be the icing on the cake at your little one's birthday party - their very own mix of party 'choons' to get down and groove along to with all their little friends.

Happy days for them, potential torture for you - again, I apologise - hopefully the £1.93 price tag (delivery is free by the way) will dull the pain a bit.

'Thanks' to lucerysmum over at HUKD!

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