Bontempi: Grand Piano £8.29 @

Bontempi: Grand Piano £8.29 @

There’s 36% off the Bontempi Grand Piano at, selling at £8.29 and saving you £4.70.

Apparently Bontempi are the leading manufacturer of easy-to-learn musical instruments, taking baby through from the ‘My First’ range, all the way through to starting their own band and creating their own music. I’m not sure what that means in terms of products or quality, but it sounds pretty impressive!

This is a brightly coloured grand piano with twelve keys and detachable legs for easy storage.

It is constructed from bright coloured plastic, and while the description uses the word ‘sturdy’ there is a review on Amazon that says it’s not really suited to ‘robust’ play.

The set comes with instructional materials for learning to play and the keys are coded to make learning easy and fun. This is an acoustic instrument, which means there are plastic rods inside that hit metal plates when the keys are played, rather like a real piano instead of  being all electrical. Unlike a real piano, however, the sharp keys are red and only for decoration, they aren’t connected to anything that actually makes any sound.

Although they say this is suitable for children aged three and over, I’d imagine there are better options out there for older age groups, and this would probably be a great ‘first piano’ for a very small, supervised child!


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