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12 September 2010

boggle I used to play Boggle with my cousin when I was a kid - it was great fun! This Boggle Slam card game looks like lots of fun too.

Boggle, if you aren't familiar with it, was word game against the clock.

There was a little tray which had a series of spaces for letter dice to fall in to, it had a clear pastic lid on the top so you could shake the dice around to change the letters.  Then you had to make up as many words as you could from the connecting dice - it was a great game.

Boggle Slam is a variation on that.

The cards are shared out and each player has to try and get rid of theirs by changing a letter in the main word - fail could become fall if you have an L for example and fall could become fill if you have an I in your collection of cards.

It's not a race again the clock like traditional Boggle, but a race against your opponents.

Boggle Slam should be £5.99 but Play have it for £1.99 (with free delivery within the UK don't forget) and it's perfect for a Christmas stocking filler or throwing in a bag for portable fun and games; it has the educational element to it too, fabulous!

Thanks to bitsnbobsbuyer over at HUKD!

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