Bob The Builder: Build It With Bob-30 Brick Set £4.99 @ PLAY

28 September 2010

bob1 This Bob the Builder: Build it with Bob brick set is the sort of thing that either has you running for the hills OR running to the shop in delight!

Let me tell you what you get with this and then you can decide if it's a Marmite toy - you're either going to be a lover or a hater.

Bob the Builder: Build it with Bob brick set comes with:

  • 30 real clay bricks
  • Cement
  • Mixing bowl
  • Real mini trowel
  • Base board
  • Large wipe clean place mat
  • Poseable Bob figure

I became a hater and started running for my life at the part where it mentions cement, mixing bowl and real mini trowel, but then I'm a bit of an old scrooge when it comes to things like this. BAH HUMBUG!

I don't care how LARGE the large wipe clean place mat is - it'll never be big enough to contain the chaos and carnage that this would bring to my house.

Poseable Bob figure? Yeah, that's ok, you should be safe with that.

This should be £9.99 but has been reduced to £4.99 and there's no delivery to pay with Play - a Bob bargain!

Thanks to Zobobump over at HUKD

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  • SlayerKat
    We have this. It's really quite good and not as messy as you'd think. The worst part is soaking the bricks to get the sand off to reuse it but that's an adult's job lol
  • Lynley O.
    Oh Kat honey maybe you can help me! When you soak off the sand can you dry it out and re-use? There's nothing in the instructions in my set. And I need it as son managed to use up all the cement that comes with the set. As for not messy ... depends on how creatively messy your child can be! But at least it all dissolves with a bit of water easily enough.
  • SlayerKat
    I haven't reused the "cement" In my opinion it's more like Weetabix lol and doesn't return to sand when dry so I just chuck it out. Sorry. I think you can buy replacement "cement" though if that helps.

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