The Banana Splits £8.95 @ Zavvi

The Banana Splits £8.95 @ Zavvi

bananaRemember this fantastic show from back in the day? Well now is your chance to introduce those funky characters with their groove-tastic music to your own kids. Down to only £8.85 including free delivery from Zavvi, this is a bargain indeed.

The 1960s rock stars are back in this fabulous DVD from Season 1 of the Banana Splits. Tra la la – Bingo, Drooper, Fleegle and Snorrky are here in multicoloured madness and fun with new games, jokes and music for everyone to enjoy.

You probably won’t be able to stop yourself from dancing along to the swinging tunes as the DVD plays out and your kids will either think you’re mad or join in the fun with giggles and glee. It’s definitely an entertaining trip down memory lane.

babnan2The set includes six DVDs and each show represents a meeting of the Banana Splits Club and the adventures of the club members who doubled as a musical quartet. It has a flavour reminiscent of The Beatles and The Monkees and is still remarkably funny.

Thanks to Count Duckula at HUKD!


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