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25 June 2010

5050_merch_700_150 Time is precious, knowledge is power and relaxing is critical - audio books can help with all of these things!

I love books (in case you hadn't already worked that one out from my previous posts) and I love to learn but alas, my life is so busy I only get time to read for myself when I go to bed and am doing REALLY well if I manage to read more than a token three lines.

Audio books have provided me with an alternative solution! I can listen to them when I'm in the car. I can listen to them when I'm out walking the dogs. I can listen to them when I'm doing all of the 'fun' domestic stuff I have to try and fit in around everything else.

They are the ultimate in the literary killing of two birds with one stone and I love them - I think there's also something about being read to as well, it can be really very comforting.

Audible.co.uk have 50% off of 50 audio books ranging from fiction to comedy to self-help non-fiction, there's bound to be something here to take your fancy and with prices averaging around £4.99 you could even treat yourself to a couple.

You don't need to join (although you can if you want to) and all audio books are compatible with iPods - yippeeee!

Thanks to juicyjackie over at HUKD!

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