Up To 40% Off @ Play.com

There’s up to 40% off at Play.com in the toys and baby section, with 1198 items to choose from.

I love the category break downs – they make it so much easier to search for hidden treasures.

For example there are 240 Pre School aged toys including the Voila Wooden Kaleido-Fun Shape Making Game which is reduced from £17.99 to £8.99. and Winnie The Pooh Interactive Friend reduced from £39.99 to £26.99.

There are ride-ons too, from the Y Bike Extreme which was £54.99 and is now £43.99 to the Wooden Walker Wagon Fire Enginewhich has a £9 saving and is selling for £35.99.

Musical toys range from the wooden Kazoo Trumpet for £8.99 to the Wonderworld: Wonder Drum for £16.19 and a Groovy Musical Set for £8.99  - a whopping £12 saving – to the very odd looking Quercetti Super Saxoflute for £9.39.

There really are loads of options to choose from, and I’m not even sure if these are sales different to Boxing Day Sales, because if they aren’t so named. We’ll find out tomorrow, I’m sure, but in the meantime, these aren’t bad prices to start with!

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