Saint Laurent Austrian Wine £14.02 @ Fortnum & Mason


Fortnum & Mason is offering some of their Austrian wines at a discount with a little £ shaved off the usual price. The Saint Laurent bottle is down from £16.50 to £14.02 and is a very lovely wine with a rich, deep flavour.

Now we all know that some days mum really needs a glass of wine and a room alone. So why not get some bottles like this lush red wine and give her something special for Mother’s Day? Saint Laurent has some similarities with Pinot Noir to which it is genetically related but the wines have a little more spice, pepper and body.

Pittnauer’s St. Laurent is rich and soft with ripe dark cherry and blackberry fruit. This wine is made biodynamically from vineyards in Gols, on the eastern shore of lake Neusiedl, close to the Hungarian border. You can find several other wines listed on discount here.

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