Mother's Day Lunch Deal @ Ask Italian

Mother's Day Lunch Deal @ Ask Italian

You know it's Mothering Sunday, right? If you forgot, and don't have flowers, chocolate and a card lined up, and didn't do breakfast in bed, you need to get out the dog box, and fast. As the wife of a less than, erm, sentimental, husband, I'm not accustomed to being spoiled too rotten on these 'commercial' holidays as he calls them, but having to cook lunch for the family on Mothers day just takes it all too far. At the same time, I know our family budget and I don't really want to have us living off pasta and cheese for the rest of the week, so while a lunch out would be great, I don't want it bankrupting the family - and I know I'm not the first mum to have forgone a little treat to make things easier on the pocket.

Which is why I think Ask's 3 course lunch for £15.95 is not a bad deal at all - or if you're not a big eater, you can go for the 2 course meal for £13.95 instead.

There are 3 starters and 8 mains to choose from, and four tempting deserts too, so you're bound to find something appealing to everyone at the table.

Mum gets a glass of prosecco thrown in too, so that's one less drink to buy, a lot less washing up, and a lovely afternoon for all.


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