Hot Cross Bun Gin Is Now Available At Not On The High Street

Hot Cross Bun Gin

I am quite partial to a Hot Cross Bun at this time of year, and I never refuse a Gin, so it seems logical for me to get FREAKIN' MEGA EXCITED over HOT CROSS GIN! Yes, I am not jesting here, it exists and is no available at Not On The High Street.

What's the damage? Okay, so Hot Cross Gin is not cheap, but it is a treat for say Mother's Day or instead of that fancy Easter Egg. Priced at £35 (plus delivery) for a 50cl bottle.

It's not the type of drink that you will down on a Saturday Night... more one to savour.

Made from FULL STRENGTH London Dry Gin at 37.5% vol and is infused with fresh citrus fruits, sultanas, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Delivery is £6.90.

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  • Charlie N.

    can I have this instead of an Easter egg please :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • Claire S.

    hot cross bun? Really? I dunno. I would of wanted to try that.

  • Kirsty H.

    Hmmm not sure about this one :thinking: xxx

  • Gavin W.

    Hmm nae too sure aboot that. Strange combo

  • Katherine T.

    Oh! I NEED that in my life!!!!

  • Emma B.

    Mmmm not sure about this one x

  • Katy E.

    You never know until you try it though lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Lea K.

    Dunno how id feel about that 1 haha x x

  • Jenny S.

    That looks amazing haha nice and themed for Easter :yum:

  • Jane R.

    Ooh I'd give it a try :kissing_heart:

  • Angela J.

    I’d prefer this to an Easter Egg :thumbsup_tone2::joy:

  • Lorraine R.

    Mmm that sounds good. :blush:

  • Isla C.

    Oh my days i bet thats delicious!!

  • Simon C.

    I think I will stick to proper gin, and stuff my face with Hot X buns :joy::joy:

  • Dominic J.

    After my 2weeks off drinking I think I’ll polish all my gin so defo :thumbsup::thumbsup:

  • Lyndsey B.

    I would be very grateful for this as a gift but not just yet. Had to many quiff's last night & i don't know where my head & stomach are at :tired_face:

  • Sarah L.

    Oh yum!!!! For the holy season of Lent... of course!!! Ha ha x

  • Rachael B.

    I love gin but not a big fan of hot cross buns.

  • Becci K.

    Oh no :persevere: not for me.....dislike hot cross buns :persevere::persevere:

  • Becky T.

    This looks amazing :heart_eyes: xxx

  • Kay U.

    Now that sounds like a good idea. Lol. Xxx

  • Dionne D.

    Oo will need to try this x

  • Frances K.

    Saying that, if the schools aren’t back tomorrow I’d be happy to give anything a go :joy::joy::joy:

  • Jackie C.

    Omg what will they mix with gin next lol

  • Matthew S.

    Oooooo on a cold day :yum:......we need to try this xx

  • Gemma T.

    :yum: yum yum hot cross bun! x

  • Sacha L.

    I need this I bet it tastes amaze-gin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Judy H.

    Wow, that sounds amazing! X

  • Laura D.

    Well tbh I never get an egg so the gin would be lovely by itself

  • Catherine F.

    Yuk, gross! The world is going mad!

  • Bethan W.

    Oh my!!! Easter party must!!!

  • Alice W.

    Omg!! There’s just too many flavours I want to try. Will end up being an alcoholic :joy:

  • Anna F.

    I need some of this! :joy:

  • Angela P.

    :joy::joy:I love a hot cross bun....I’d give it a go xx

  • Laura T.

    Ohhh no never seen one of them?!:see_no_evil: xxx

  • Gazz P.

    That sounds lovely...weirdly

  • Lynne C.

    So Many I really want to try:smiley:

  • Tom C.

    Oooh now this is an easter gin I like the sound of!

  • Shelly D.

    OMG, that sounds like heaven in a glass :yum:xx

  • Grant D.

    I'll give it a go though!

  • Tracey M.

    Yummy will go down lovely with a slab of choc x

  • Mary W.

    OMG this would be heaven!!

  • Emer A.

    No...I don't think so! I don't like hot cross buns!!!

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