Free Card With Moonpig Mother's Day Order

Free Card With Moonpig Mother's Day Order

Moonpig Mother's are giving shoppers a free card with almost all Mother's Day orders of flowers and of selected gifts. 

While I can't find any promotional codes for Mother's Day from Moonpig, they do have a free card for every flower order, and selected gift orders.

This means that with your Mother's Day orders of £25 - £100 on flowers and gifts, you get a card to the value of at least £2.99 for free.

I know sometimes it's hard to buy flowers and gifts online because you don't know what they're really going to get, but I've been fortunate enough to see Moonpig's entire Mother's Day range in the flesh, and I would be more than happy to receive or send any of their beautiful, large flower arrangements. Their gift options are beautiful too, with some luxurious brands - like Lindt, Montezuma's and Beau Jardin and more, for glorious pampering.

Gifts can be as little as £5 - for a spectacular orange and geranium chocolate that's so thick you can't even bite through it - and when combined with flowers, that would make a perfect gift on it's own.

I was surprised by the size of the flower bunches too - maybe I'm just not used to getting flowers, but these were just fabulous. Grab your free personalised card with the flowers, book in advance, and treat mum this Mother's Day.


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