Clinton Cards Valentines Day Gifts Review

2 February 2011

clintonCardsValentinesDay You've got twelve days to go before the world goes into lovey-dovey overdrive and Valentine's Day madness takes over for 24 hours.

Clinton Cards sent us some of their Valentine's Day gifts to review and we sent them on to PlayPennies mum, Louise to road test for us.

"Reviewing Valentine's Day gifts was actually quite hard, given that it wasn't Valentine's Day," confessed Louise, "surely part of the success of any Valentine's Day gift is the romantic impact of the day itself?"

So Cupid paid Louise, and her husband, an early visit this year with Valentine's Day taking place a couple of weeks ahead of schedule.

"The Clinton Cards Valentine's Day Gifts arrived in a large brown box, nestled in lilac tissue paper," Louise told us, "the first thing I saw when I lifted up the layers of paper was the I Love You Bear"

Some of us outgrow our love of cute teddy bears and you can be treading on very dodgy ground buying one for your Valentine, unless you're sure it's going to be appreciated.

"I'm not a cuddly toy sort of person, in fact I greatly dislike them as gifts for grown ups!" said Louise, "But this one totally melted me. He is incredibly soft, is a good size and is clutching a soft, velvety heart. If this was given to me on Valentine's day by my husband I'd be very happy indeed."

Louise also told us that she couldn't believe the price of the I Love You bear; you can buy him, and others similar,  for £4.99, Louise expected him to cost at least twice that.
clintonCardsLoveChequesThe next Clinton Cards Valentine's Day gift Louise pulled out of the box was a book of X-Rated Love Cheques that retail for £2.99; she wasn't very impressed with it at all.

"The X-Rated Love Cheques were rather cheap looking, with no interesting design to it at all," Louise described, "There's absolutely nothing romantic about the booklet, in any way shape or form."

"It also fails on the 'naughty' side too!" Louise continued, "Although it is called X-Rated, the booklet sadly lacks anything scintillating!"

Oooerr missus, we were almost tempted to ask Louise what she felt would have been scintillating...but then thought better of it.

The cheques inside the (not-so) X-Rated Love Cheques book include: a Romantic Dinner for 2, a Special Treat of Your Choice, Dinner and a Movie, a Sexy Night In, a Sexy Massage, and finally A Big Hug. There are four vouchers of each type.

Louise had one final thing to say on the matter, "My husband could only comment that if he got one of those for Valentines he'd be deeply worried about the state of our marriage!"

clintonCardsSocksNot all gifts HAVE to be romantic though and oozing with cuteness and kisses.

"The 'love' socks (£4.99) made me smile," Louise told us, "They come in one size, but look pretty large. The socks are black, and soft. I wrapped them up with a bow, and gave them to my other half over a candle-lit rose petal dinner. He quite appreciated the humour!"

clintonCardsPetalsThe rose petals Louise mentioned are also part of the Clinton Card Valentine's Day Gift range, they cost £1.99 and come in red or white; Louise said they are just lovely.

"They look beautiful and made a lovely decoration on the table for a romantic dinner. What I really liked is that the box is sturdy, pretty to look at in itself, and the centre part where the petals are kept easily slides in and out. So you can use it to store the petals when not in use."

clintonCardsToastStampThe final thing we sent Louise was an I Love You toast stamp which retails for £2.99.

"To be honest I've never actually used a toast stamp before. Luckily there are instructions on the back of the packet!"

Louise owned up to the face that she'd have probably done something daft like put it in the toaster with the bread!

"That sounds silly, I know, but then the idea that you could press into the bread and have it appear when toasted sounds a bit silly too! It is quite cute though and made breakfast time fun. I think it is something that will come out for lots of special breakfasts."

And finally...

On the whole Louise was impressed with the items we sent her from the Clinton Cards Valentine's Day Gift range.

She felt they all had romantic merit apart from the X-Rated Love Cheques, which got a very definite thumbs down from both her and her husband.  She also felt that the prices were perfect for being able to give a little something for Valentine's Day without breaking the bank.

All of the items are available from the Clinton Cards website.

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