Body Lush Mother's Day Review

Body Lush Mother's Day

Ah Mother's Day! Isn't it nice to get something special in appreciation of all your hard work? For me, special can mean time. One year my partner went to a lot of trouble to make up a frame, border and photo in a A3 size with my son, complete with finger painted decoration, handprints and of course his gorgeous smiling face.

But time isn't something that we always have plenty of in our lives, especially when you're a working parent as well. Something that you can use for a bit of me time, with a scent to blow away the smells of everyday life (car fumes, cooking, muddy PE kits etc). Smellies.

Lush Body has only been around for a very short time. Although their products cost a bit more than we usually look at for our reviews, they are, well, lush! And if you're looking for something a bit special but not too expensive for Mother's day, they look like a good buy.

Body Lush specialise in luxury bath and body care products. What made us want to look a little more closely at them is that they offer a bespoke product service. Bespoke? That intrigued us mums at PlayPennies - we do take our bath time seriously as it is often the only private time we get. Although, can you call it private time when little ones are traipsing in and out every 30 secs with urgent requests to call the zoo police as the lions are eating the yogurts, and what stops the earth from crashing into the sun?

In practice what this means is that you can, when buying online, choose your own fragrance. Or if you go into their shop you can choose the scent and colour.

Body Lush bespoke lines include

  • Hand washes
  • Shower Gels
  • Face Wash
  • Foam Bath
  • Bath Salts (DEAD SEA)

Also, and this is what makes these a particularly good present I think, most products are packaged in glass bottles, (except for the Dead Sea salts and shower gel that is). And they're put in hand-made velvet pouches.

Here's what our panel of busy mums thought of the products I got in for review.

Hand and body lotion

Body Lush Body LotionTracy, mum to a five year old, got the Heavenly Gingerly hand and body lotion (£20). She found that the scent is very, very light but refreshing and pleasant. Tracy also really liked how the lotion is quickly absorbed and non-greasy so you could, theoretically, start smashing away on your ipad without leaving big fat oily finger stains. "This is a big plus for me as I am usually doing something computer related after washing my hands and it is a pain to have to sit and wring them until the lotion is absorbed."

She did feel though that it was expensive. "I am not sure they are quite worth the hefty price tag as I didn't faint with joy when I used this. But the bottle is gorgeous and, alongside the handwash, look awesome in my bathroom. People have commented on them when they've been to the loo."

High marks for presentation then. In addition, Tracy found that unlike some hand creams where your hands still feel dry afterwards, this lotion has a high moisturising factor. She also loved the smell, describing it as divine but not over powering.

Hand wash

Body Lush Hand WashAlong with the lotion, we also got Tracy to test the hand wash. Specifically the  Mango leaf and guave scented handwash (£15). "Again it has the same lovely glass bottle with minimal branding. The lovely little label tells you all about your handwash and how to use it etc.You don't need very much and your hands feel clean and fresh afterwards."

Tracy liked that the hand wash doesn't "dry out your skin horribly, smells lovely, feels great, and I want to stretch it out forever. Have banned husband from using it because it is too scrummy for fat squirting man hands."

Top marks all round for the hand wash from Tracy. Her final verdict? "I would definitely buy this again even if it is pricey."

Dead sea bath salts

Tracy received a packet of purple Dead sea bath salts.  "I just love the smell of these so much! I don't want to use them, just have them scent up the bathroom like pot pourri."

She was a little disappointed in the packaging. "While you get these amazing glass bottles in a black velvet bag for the hand and body lotion and handwash described above, this comes in a plastic bag with a bow tying it shut." She didn't find this practical in terms of storing the salts, so you can use it over and over again. "Think about kids in the bath and splashing and bumping. Before you know it your packet of crystals will be all over the floor."

But at only £4 for 250g with a scent blend of your choice, Tracey thought they were fantastic value for money. "You can always decorate a jar with the kids before filling it with these salts for Mother's Day."

And finally ...

All the Body Lush products are SLS free. This is a common detergent used in daily products such as handwashes, shampoos, dish washing and floor cleaning products.  This detergent can be highly irritating and drying to the skin.

The products contain olive oil, wheat protein and vitamin E. There are no animal ingredients.

Where possible Body Lush use recyclable packaging, and all glass bottles bought back for refills get a 5% discount.

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