50% Discount On 2014 Diaries @ Moleskine


Oooh, if you are one of those clever clogs who thought they would wait before buying their 2014 diary, then you just scored, big time. How gorgeous are these Moleskine diaries I ask you? You can now pay only 50% of the price on all 2014 diaries while stocks last. Bargain.

You can choose between the 12 and 18 month collections of diary and this includes the special editions, agendas Passion and the professional models with the horizontal and vertical layouts. You can also get a 20% discount on a variety of Moleskin notebooks and buy two click roller pens and get the second for free.

Essentially, if your mum is someone who loves to write and adores her diary and wants a notebook, then this is a gorgeous treat for them and you save a lot of dosh on a very elite range of products. You also get free shipping on all orders over £37 and can get a lot of cool stuff for that amount of cash with these special offers.

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