3D Optical Illusion Lollipop Valentine's Day Cards

If I'm going to send a Valentine's Day card then a homemade one just seems 'more' somehow, than one you just picked up from the shops.  I came across these 3D optical illusion lollipop Valentine's Day cards and think they're rather fun - you could also use this idea for any occasion that requires the giving of a card.

I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day - not because of the romantic sentiment (I think that's important all year round, not just on one day!) but because of the OTT commercialism that comes along with it.  However, I'm rather tempted to join in this year, just so I have an excuse to make one of these amazing 3D optical illusion cards!

If you have a go too, let us know how yours turned out.

*photo credit - Betsy Ptak


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