1/2 Price Daim Selection Gift Box Now £7.50 @ Cadburys Gifts Direct

1/2 Price Daim Selection Gift Box

Now this Daim Selection Gift Box would make the perfect Mother's Day gift and the best part for me is my husband and daughter both don't like Daim chocolate so I don't even have to share! Result!

If you are a fan of all things Daim then check out this half price gift set from Cadbury Gifts Direct, it's just £7.50 down from £15.

This gorgeous box of Daim goodies is my idea of heaven! You get loads included in your selection box:

  • Two Daim bags with individually wrapped bitesize pieces of milk chocolate with a crunchy almond caramel centre
  • Four Daim Bar 3 Packs- milk chocolate with a crunchy almond centre
  • One Cadbury Dairy Milk with Daim bar
  • One pack of Mikado biscuit sticks with Daim

The Daim Selection Box gift is delivered in a Daim branded printed gift box with a tag on the side for you to write who it is for. It would make a great Easter gift too!

Home delivery is from £3.95.

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  • Mark K.

    Brought a bag from Ikea. There all gone only been a week :joy:

  • Stephen T.

    Need this in my life lol xx

  • Lottie C.

    I know it says mothers day but reminded me of you lol

  • Sally M.


  • Bex W.

    That looks so good lol xxx

  • Sam J.

    Now this is jumping out at me but u can keep the mikado never tried them lol.xx

  • Donna D.

    do u think im a chocoholic?? x

  • Katherine T.

    :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed: I need this in my life!! x

  • Tracy C.

    Hhhhmmm I'm saying nwt lol x

  • Suzie L.

    Oh wow, that would make a perfect Mother’s Day present! Hint hint Sean :joy:xx

  • Calum H.

    Thought you said hippos there :joy:xx

  • Sasha M.

    No i'll just be the size of a hippo once I've eaten it all :yum: xx

  • Michael G.

    I’ll take 3 of these please

  • Liza M.

    You’re already about 2 Daim bars away from diabetes :rolling_eyes:

  • Jo W.

    Gahahahahahahaah im sat eating them now.....I can just hear the gasps now....

  • Kirsty A.

    I'll love you forever :heart_eyes:

  • Suzanna M.

    I’m not a mother but it’ll make ma day:joy::joy::see_no_evil:

  • Chris G.

    Hmm looks yum but not for me now:relaxed: x

  • Norman C.

    Good idea Norm can eat it Kay don’t like Dine Bar :joy::joy::thumbsup:

  • Kylie S.

    Seriously need this in my life :heart_eyes:

  • Holly R.

    I love it

  • Kara W.

    I just devoured a whole tub of Daim ice cream!

  • Kim H.

    This is the one I had! xxx

  • Laura B.

    I need to try the orange one! X

  • David I.

    Brought u one u dont need this now :grin::grin::grin: xx

  • Lucy B.

    When I go Ikea next I’ll pick you some up x

  • Vikki B.

    If you read it says ideal for Easter or mother's Day :smiley::smiley::smiley:

  • Clair S.

    Oooh...2 boxes it is then x

  • Caz C.

    :grin: reward for end of lent

  • izzywoo

    omg when i was pregnant daim bars were my craving!!!

  • betty54

    this selection box is out of stock

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