The Hydrant Hands Free Water Bottle Review

The Hydrant is a hands free water bottle that is marketed to those on bed rest, in wheel chairs and so on, and is specifically useful during childbirth or breastfeeding. Basically, it’s a standard water bottle with a clip handle so that it can be hung in unusual places, with a 44” pipe and mouth piece.

I first used the Hydrant during my second baby’s birth. We had a home water birth and there wasn’t space to put a bottle that I could reach it, so having a bottle that could rest on the floor with a drinking nozzle that reached all the way up to me was pretty perfect. I drank deep mouthfuls of fresh water between contractions, as I found the gas and air really dried my mouth out, so it was perfect for that.

Then, afterwards, I also found having a waterbottle handy for breastfeeding, which also makes me terribly thirsty, was particularly helpful. I have a bottle I carry around with me, but when a newborn wants to feed they want to feed now, so being able to pop onto my ‘spot’ on the sofa and have a one litre bottle there ready and waiting dedicated to this purpose is pretty great too.

The most useful place for me so far, however, has been in bed at night. I take it up with me when I go to bed and clip it onto the basinet which currently serves as a blanket storage basket. As I cosleep with two under three at the moment, I get very, very thirsty during and after night feeds, and theres little worse than lying in bed with your tongue stuck to your pallet from dehydration, but not wanting to move because you don’t want to wake up your babies!  The Hydrant is just there, I can grab the tube and rehydrate to my heart’s content, without moving much other than my forearm. Fabulous.

This bottle is meant for cold drinks, not hot, and it is dishwasher safe. If used in hospital the tube and valve should be changed and sterilised daily – and as this bottle is highly recommended for c-section recovery, it would be worth having spares.

I’m really chuffed with The Hydrant. It’s such a simple idea, but so useful. And it seems the NCT agree as they sell it in their shop, and there are great reviews on the NCT site from other mums who’ve used it too.

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