Alternative Maternity Birthing Wear: Pretty Pushers From £19.95 @ Amazon

Alternative Maternity Birthing Wear: Pretty Pushers From £19.95 @ Amazon

Why didn't I discover these before? Each labour I went through, I was handed a gown that was around four sizes too small for me, so everything was on show at the back. These Pretty Pushers are designed with that in mind, and offer you an attractive alternative. Amazon are selling them from £19.95.

What's so different about these Pretty Pusher Gowns to say a Nightie? They have a low cut back, so there's access to your spine, should it be need for an epidural. Tie opening to the front, for any baby monitoring equipment.

The Halterneck tie allows easy access for skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding.

Let's mention the fact that these are much more glamorous than a boil washed Hospital Gown.

Okay, so very few go into labour with how they look on their mind, but these are the right length for pacing the floors, ward without feeling like you're all on show.

I love the idea, and if I could do it all again, you can bet your bottom dollar I would have buy one of these.


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  • Lou P.

    What a great idea! I was in my leggings with no2 :joy::joy::joy::joy:

    • Nikki S.

      And Zac’s t-shirts if you was anything like me :joy:

    • Kelly S.

      To wear whilst giving birth?!

      • Amy A.

        I’m not wearing one of them :joy:

        • Jenni B.

          Birthing gowns? Are you kidding? I literally wanted to rip all my clothes off

        • Michelle H.

          :joy::joy: I didn't even get chance to get changed

          • Tracey A.

            I wouldnt of wore one either :joy::joy:

            • Miranda T.

              For obvious reasons they should at least red. How ridiculous.

              • Joanne B.

                ...ah jeez, if only you'd known about these before you had your little lady! They are just sooo flattering!

                • Leanne W.

                  When you get to that point you won't give a flying fuck what you are wearing :joy::joy::joy:

                  • Sara L.

                    I'm not sure this is what I need :joy: x

                    • Nicolle C.

                      Mate everything will be hanging out and you won’t give 2 flying fuckerooooosssss :joy: xxx

                      • Nicolle C.

                        Plus wear a soft bra under it. So much easier for monitors etc than having to lift your goonie up lol xxx