WANTED: Full Time Lego Builder!

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Bright Bricks have placed a job advert on Gumtree that's about to get TONS of applications - they are urgently looking for a Full Time Lego Builder! Yes, it's real, and No, I don't think the kids can apply, sorry.

Bright Bricks are based in Hampshire, and are a design company who run events and create and build models from Lego. They are looking for someone who has a background in art, design or engineering for the role. When you look at their website some of the models they have built are truly amazing, stunning and huge! It would be certainly be a challenge, but it's not your average 9 to 5 office job. You can read more about what the company do, and see more about what the job is likely to involve on the Bright Bricks website.

Do you know anyone who would want to apply? Here's the Gumtree Job Advert if you're considering it. Good Luck!

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Thanks to Lego Deals UK for the information.

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  • Grov
    I absolutely love building Lego and in very intrested in this job

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