Save £'s On LEGO @ Argos

Plus an extra £5 off when you spend £50+ with code URTXJK5L
Save £'s On LEGO @ Argos

Argos have great deals on LEGO just now with many popular sets dropped in price. If you've got LEGO on your shopping list then there's never been a better time to buy. Plus, you know you'll get it in time for Christmas as you can collect it yourself from a store or have it delivered as quickly as same day.

Argos LEGO Deals

Here are some brilliant bargains that are too good to miss!

Note - you can use promo code URTXJK5L against any order of £50+ to save an extra £50, whether that's on one big set or several smaller ones!

Head over here to see what other bargains you can get using that URTXJK5L promo code!

Click and Collect for free from an Argos near you, or pay £3.95 for home delivery.


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