Receive a £10 Gift Card AND a £10 Gift Coupon when you spend £40 on Lego In store at Toys R Us


When you spend £40 in store on Lego at Toys R Us right now, you’ll receive two £10 vouchers, one for the £40 spend and one for the Lego spend.

All kids (and many parents) love Lego, and there’s a double promo running at Toys R Us right now which make for some fantastic savings. If you purchase Lego to the tune of £40 or more in store, you’ll receive not one but two £10 vouchers to be used against further purchases in store.

The £10 Gift Card has no minimum spend , while the £10 Gift Coupon can be spent on items which cost £10 or more and these can both be used together against further Lego purchases.

Sound confusing?  Let me try with an example. You go into Toys R Us and find the Lego you’re wishing to buy costing £40 or more (which is hopefully half price to begin with) take it to the till, pay and you’ll be given both the £10 Gift Card and £10 Gift Coupons. Then from the 28th of April until the 30th of May, both of these can be used together, entitling you to £20 worth of FREE Lego in store. Pretty nifty eh?

You’ll get the £10 Gift Coupon for any purchases you make online or in store at Toys R Us right now when you spend £40 or over, it’s when you spend on Lego, you’ll receive both. The Gift Card must be used against further Lego purchases, while the Gift Coupon can be used against anything.  Vouchers received in store will be physical cards and coupons, while online purchases will be emailed codes.

Lego is always a firm favourite with kids, so it’s definitely worth heading down to Toys R Us and picking up any sets you’ve had your eye on. A double promo and many Lego sets on special offer makes this a great deal for any fans.

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