NEW Lego Batcave Classic TV Series Exclusively @ The Lego Shop

NEW Lego Batcave Classic TV Series Exclusively @ The Lego Shop

Lego fans are going to be blown away by this latest creation from the awesome team at Lego as they have just revealed a HUGE new set - the LEGO Batman Classic TV Series Batcave. This is a brand new release and is exclusive to The Lego Shop. It includes three vehicles, nine minifigures and gadgets galore.

This is for serious collectors as it is an absolute giant of a thing! There are 2526 pieces in the set and when built it measures over 18″ tall. With a 300 page instruction booklet this is going to take a serious amount of time to build.

The minifigures are fabulous as there's the 60s versions of Batman, Robin, Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Alfred Pennyworth, The Joker, Catwoman, The Riddler and The Penguin.

You get three vehicles with this set: the iconic 60's Batmobile of course, as well as the Batcycle and the Batcopter complete with firing missiles.

The Batcave itself comes attached to Bruce Wayne's private study complete with the working button that reveals a sliding false bookcase with the secret entrance to the Batcave via the Batpoles!

There's also a helipad, Batphones and tons of extra Bat-gadgets with a huge amount of detail going into the whole set.

Better get the kids saving their pocket money though as it's £229.99. I'm guessing this is one for the adult collectors at that price! I still want one though.


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