LEGO Technic Flat Bed Truck £56.99 @ Amazon

It's a good job I'm a tight-fisted Grinch when it comes to shopping after Christmas, otherwise I'd start each new year absolutely flat broke!

I'm done buying presents for my family now; I'm done with everything Christmas, in fact; I want to take the trees and decorations down, return the house to some sort of normality and get on with a new year (I don't 'do' New Years Eve parties either - HUMBUG!).

I'm telling you all this because it means, for the first time in months, I'm not remotely tempted to buy this LEGO Technic Flatbed Truck for my youngest even though he'd love it,. even though it looks awesome and despite its rather fabulous price - £56.99 instead of £71.99.

In case you were looking at this LEGO Technic Flatbed Truck for a birthday present before 10 January, then I have to tell you it's not going to be in stock and dispatched before 7 January - you could always print off a picture of it and make a 'coming soon' birthday card...just an idea.

The LEGO Technic Flatbed Truck is definitely something for wannabe truckers - you can steer it into place, raise or lower the motorized flatbed to load a vehicle onto the truck with the winch, or use the power function to extend the wheel lift to tow another vehicle; it also rebuilds into a smart airport catering truck.

With over 1100 pieces, I think you'll be able to buy yourself some post-Christmas peace and quiet thanks to twodoctors at HUKD.

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