LEGO Technic 8069 Backhoe Loader £32.95 @ Amazon

legoTechnic8069BackhoeLoader Amazon are currently selling this LEGO Technic Backhoe Loader for £32.95 instead of £49.99.

Well, that's a Christmas present sorted for my youngest as he absolutely LOVES anything to do with diggers (it's ok, he doesn't make a habit of reading my PlayPennies posts).

I can 't remember when he first became obsessed with anything remotely resembling a JCB, but he can tell you all about the history of the machines named after Joseph Cyril Bamford.

He can name most JCBs and diggers from 100 paces and of all the toys he's had in his short five-year toy career, the diggers and JCBs are the ones that have never lost favour.

With this LEGO Technic Backhoe Loader he'll be able to dig using the backhoe loader's gear-actuated front bucket and back hoe, which can slew left and right.

For really demanding jobs, he might have to extend the outriggers to make sure it doesn't tip over, not only that but the LEGO Technic Backhoe Loader also rebuilds into a log handler.

All I have to do now is be patient enough to keep it from him until Christmas; I'm rubbish at stashing presents, I always want to give them NOW!

Thanks to Groovii D at HUKD

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