LEGO Star Wars 7915: Imperial V-Wing Starfighter £19.80 @ Amazon

Apparently, according to my youngest son, you can never have too many LEGO Star Wars starfighters.

I mean, seriously, how many LEGO Star Wars starfighters does one little boy need?!  "ALL of them!" was the immediate answer to that question when I posed it last night, "How am I supposed to take over the galaxy if I only have a few?!"

I suppose he has a point and, "How am I supposed to pay the bills if I spend all my money on LEGO Star Wars starfighters for you?" was met with, "Get another job for money to pay the bills with!"  

I toyed with the idea of suggesting I go on strike and demand more LEGO Star Wars things for my money, but thought better of getting into THAT debate with him - I'd lose!

SO, this LEGO Star Wars Imperial V-wing Stargfighter - it has 139 pieces, comes with an all-new Imperial pilot and Astromech droid R2-Q2 and it's wings rotate allowing you to switch it between flying and landing mode.

The recommended age range for the LEGO Star Wars Imperial V-Wing starfighter is between seven and 12-years-old (I think most LEGO Star Wars fans ignore those) and it measures 5” (12cm) wide, 9” (22cm) long.

Thanks to dog_cop at HUKD

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